Carbon Fiber B Pillars by oCarbon for my Audi A4


My friends at oCarbon do it yet again – my own B Pillars are now wrapped within the same 5HS co2 fiber that will my inner surface & front filler platter are carried out in, and so they came out and about awesome. I’m really stoked together with how these came out – while I didn’t imagine it’d be considered a very obvious part at first, it turns out the extremely opposite is valid – My spouse and i see these whenever I open the entranceway, which implies I’m approached with co2 fiber awesomeness prior to I actually get inside of. The hilarious part is I simply had a man at a gas station ask me where I acquired these carried out as this individual liked it a whole lot! Of the many mods carried out to my own car, these caught up out with him the most!

I took this picture to exhibit how nicely it ties with the interior reduce:

Carbon Linens B PIllar & Indoor TrimAnother really cool part concerning these can be that they’re comparatively subtle from far. From a distance, they search pretty exactly like the OEM shine black complete – they blend right set for a extremely clean search. It’s only when you’re up close you may not see how slick these are generally, which can be what I really like about these.

Thanks yet again to oCarbon for that great perform – I really like that they i want to choose your fabric & weave pattern of preference. Right today, I’m the sole Audi jogging 5HS materials (each follicle of fabric covers 5 other strands, and then under one, versus your 1×1 or maybe 2×2 twill pattern that is more common). They’ve already also carried out some really cool projects in colored kevlar/carbon soluble fiber (silver, azure, yellow, etc) and also unique pieces and models, and they really custom each piece to check exactly how you want, and that is awesome.

Next up for that car is going to be some related mirror shelves! I can’t wait for those: )