B7 Audi A4/S4 Front Bumper Options


A popular question My partner and i get asked is around front bumper “body kits” to the B7 Audi A4 (2005. 5-2008). Not like the Ford Civic, your possibilities are a tad bit more limited in this particular arena, and generally costlier too. Luckily for you, the front bumpers that do exist are very nice looking and fantastic options when you’re fed up with the look of your respective car – pictured above could be the Deval RS4 kit (more on this below), in particular. The most typical swap is for people with the normal A4 without worrying about S-line package deal, as that bumper is among the least desirable. In this kind of post we’ll review the different options around and give an idea of price & attempt involved.

B7 S4 or perhaps S-line Bumper Conversion
S-line/S4 Bumper

Converting any non-sline front bumper a great S-line or perhaps S4 front bumper is probably the most typical options. This procedure uses many OEM parts which is pretty “plug and also play” with regard to a front bumper trade. You need in excess of just the top bumper deal with however – the particular bumper utilizes a different grille and also sidemarkers, together with some addition pieces. You can view more pics of the S4 front bumper by considering my car here. Here is the full directory parts you’ll dependence on the bumper deal with without machine covers (if your vehicle is equipped with headlight washing machine’s, you’ll need a different component number to the bumper deal with, 8E0-807-105-J-GRU, which includes holes slice out to the washers, plus the washer protects, 8E0-955-101-E left and 8E0-955-102-F right). Component list:

8E0807105MGRU – front bumper deal with (S-line/S4)
8E0807681F01C – A / c air barbeque left
8E0807682F01C – A / c air barbeque right
8E0945071B – Reflector left
8E0945072B – Reflector proper
8E0853651M1QP – Radiator grille
8E0807287C1QP – Platter filler

DTM S4 Bumper
DTM S4 Bumper

This really is another popular upgrade from either the particular non S-line or perhaps S-line bumper. Just like the S4 bumper alteration, this works by using all OEM parts, so the particular fitment are going to be top notch and the parts widely available. It uses a similar grille as a non-sline A4, if you decide to are originating from this platform you may want fewer parts as well. The negative aspect is that it bumper doesn’t include foglights, if those are important to people. You can see more pics in the DTM package deal by considering this included ride pictured preceding. Here will be the parts you’ll dependence on this:

8E0-807-105-AA-GRU – front bumper deal with
8E0-807-110-E Carbon dioxide Fiber Spoiler
8E0-807-681-J-Z9Y Grille
8E0-807-682-J-Z9Y Grille
8E0-807-077-B Reduce
8E0-807-078-B Reduce
N-104-337-01 Speed Nut (19)
N-907-750-01 Bolt (19)

Deval RS4 Top Bumper
Deval RS4 Bumper

The actual Deval bumper attributes an RS4-look. I’ve heard mixed things about the fitment, with almost all owners saying that their body retail outlet spent considerable time to get it look very good. The bumper is fiberglass so it can be adjusted to match well, but virtually any owner I’ve talked to mentioned they wouldn’t take action over again if they had the choice. If you’re alright with spending extra money to get it to suit right, or perhaps okay when it doesn’t suit 100% the right way, this can be a good choice for you. You can have a look at more pictures in the Deval RS4 Top Bumper below. You could also get lucky and possess a bumper that fits superior to average. You can buy the Deval bumper from Eurogear.

Oettinger Top Bumper
Oettinger Bumper

The Oettinger bumper is rare – I’m sure I’ve solely seen several Audis from it on-line, and none personally. Oettinger is a great brand and the fitment is supposed to be quality as well. The negative aspect is that it’s costly and difficult to acquire. It also has a incredibly aggressive search, so My partner and i wouldn’t advise this unless the rest of your vehicle is rather modified far too. Here is another pic in the Oettinger front bumper with a show car that’s at SEMA not too long ago.

Hofele RS4 Bumper
Hofele RS4 Top Bumper

Hofele’s RS4 front bumper is meant to fit a lot better than the Deval a single, and they will look nearly identical. The sole downside is how the Hofele bumper can be much costlier. Damir’s A4 possesses this bumper, and you’ll check out his characteristic for more pics than it. The solely vendor I’ve viewed selling this kind of bumper is LLTek or it is possible to contact Hofele immediately if fascinated. I’ve seen most of these in person and in addition they fit fantastic. You can find this kit from LLtek.

B8 Hofele Bumper
Hofele B8 Top Bumper

Such as the Hofele RS4 Bumper, the B8 bumper looks comfortable but can be fairly high-priced. I don’t think I’ve viewed any pictures with this installed with a car in true to life, except for all those published by LLTek. I’d love to see more pictures with this, and when you see this kind of, email us a pic well, i can write about it below. You can buy more home elevators this kit around the Hofele internet site.

RS-Style Top Bumper

This one is a bit new and also mimics the style of the particular TTRS, which can be kind of neat. Personally I love how it looks on the front, however the side angles style of ruin it in my opinion, as the bottom scoops get noticed too far and give it some a “catfish” search. You could pick this on Amazon, ebay, or some other sites by searching “RS style B7 front bumper”, even though it’s not really totally clear who truly manufactures it, and it runs in between $400-800 with respect to the site you’re looking on. The photo above is removed from a individual in Sweden that documented the full process of installing this kind of bumper and also uploaded a lot of pictures to help Audizine, so I’d suggest considering his thread to determine it from the many angles and make sure you like it before buying…

non s-line bumper having cupra 3rd r lip
Substitute Enhancements/Options

If people don’t can do an entire bumper trade, there are nevertheless plenty of options. Most typical are going with an substitute grille, such as an RS4 grille, or perhaps adding any front lips, such as the Cupra Ur lip. These changes are rather affordable and may make your current existing bumper look much more sleek. You may want to do this as a temporary fix or a permanent a single. Remember with the grilles how the Non S-line and also DTM bumpers share a similar grille, and the S4/RS4 write about a grille – consequently don’t be expecting an RS4 grille to match on any non-sline bumper or perhaps vice versa. Here’s more pictures in the A4 above with a Cupra Ur lip as well as a blacked out grille, which in turn definitely gives some wonderful touches, all for approximately $100.
Where you can Buy…

You’ll be able to source the particular OEM factors above from a local Audi vendor, a useless yard, or other sorts of vendors. The actual aftermarket possibilities depend, so research prices. You also need to check ebay, as it is possible to often discover used parts from dismantlers or away from wrecked cars for inexpensive. Some aftermarket possibilities also show up on ebay, but be mindful of poor bumpers from China and be sure to stick towards the “real deal” bumpers made by quality manufacturers such as those above

Blacked out headlight mod – B7 Audi A4/S4/RS4


I not long ago painted my own inner headlight housings dark (sometimes referred to as the “Joey mod”) and desired to share a few quick pictures as well as a DIY of earn money did that mod. I decided to accomplish this after seeing my mate Blake’s RS4 with blacked out and about headlights along with really taste how the item looked upon his car. Given there is certainly very tiny chrome still left on my own car, I also felt the particular chrome headlights were needs to stick out an excessive amount of and portray the headlights dark might connect everything collectively nicely. Overall I’m happy with the item (despite a few initial reservations) along with think its the best way to make the top end somewhat more ambitious than it could be otherwise…

2013-01-04 17. 38. 43Above you can view the just before and right after – My partner and i wasn’t thus sure plainly liked it in the beginning as the item looked a little too aftermarket (dare My partner and i say ricey? ), but given that I’ve trained with some time, I truly dig the item. In order to produce it look a tad bit more OEM, I added back my red turn indication reflectors, which I believe helped maintain your look aggressive without having to be extraordinary. In the particular picture over, I think you can view what After all about the particular headlights sticking out too very much when inside the original chrome/silver end, whereas below they blend in a tiny nicer using the red & bright motif which i have throughout the car…

IMG_5146The neat thing about that mod is actually that it’s quite simple to do, costs almost nothing (the cost of merely one can connected with spray paint as well as a small T8 torx screwdriver) along with makes a massive difference towards appearance in the car. On top of that, if/when My partner and i get sick and tired of it, it should be pretty all to easy to reverse by removing the interior housing out and about and portray it metallic again. I might also experiment which has a gunmetal color to find out how that looks further later on.

IMG_1409To do that mod, take off the headlights just like you would with the clear spot mod detailed in this posting – in reality, I’d recommend doing just about all mods in your headlights right now – which includes LED DRLs, clear corner mod, new headlight lights, and any changes towards bulbs or perhaps front-end appearance mods in store. Pull the particular headlights separated by removing the 5 retaining clips along with heating the particular glue (again, as described inside the clear spot post above). Once the headlight is actually split inside two, you can find three screws holding inside the inner real estate pictured over – there’re very smaller torx bits size 8, and you may need to pick up a special screwdriver to acquire them because so many standard torx bits is going to be too big. A T8 torx screwdriver need to be available on any do-it-yourself store (Home Depot, Expert, Lowes, for example. ). Once the inner housing have been removed, give the item a mild sanding and then paint it the colour you need. Give it a number of coats and let the item dry just before screwing it back and and then reinstall anything. Also be certain not to acquire any fingerprints on the medial side the headlight real estate, because if you do it will drive an individual nuts (ask me earn money know! ). Give the medial side a quick wipe down which has a microfiber to be certain there is no dust or perhaps fingerprints that could be distracting as soon as you put the particular headlights rear together…


The different thing you really should consider doing at this point is any headlight restoration in case your headlights tend to be badly pitted or discolored on the outside of. When the particular headlights are off the car, it’s less of a challenge to sand and powerful them with out worrying in relation to scratching the particular paint (plus you can apply it from the comfort connected with indoors). If you choose to do any headlight restoration kit, I like this one by Meguiars the way it comes with sandpaper to really get out and about the pitting along with imperfections you might have accumulated (the packages with only polish don’t truly clean deep enough, IMO).


The only hard portion is taking off the bumper along with headlights, although it’s pretty straightforward in the event you’ve done that portion before. Should you haven’t, you can even just do one side at the same time (without getting the bumper every one of the way down, just 50 % off) to help you keep everything set up nicely. If you take the bumper every one of the way down, only make tighter the headlights rear on about 50 % of way just before putting the particular bumper rear on, then make tighter and change the headlights last to be certain everything collections up perfectly, otherwise you’ll get some some unattractive gaps between headlights, grille along with bottom in the hoo.

You Are Going to Want the Ford Super Duty

Racewayford 5.1peg

Anyone considering one of the big boys around the block inside the super duty pick up segment are not going to be disappointed together with the 2016 Super Duty through the Ford Motor Company. For a great choice of Ford vehicles all it takes is visiting San Bernardino Ford.

This absolute beast is packing some serious hardware in the drive train department with an available massive second generation 6.7 liter v8 turbo diesel. This clean and quiet baby boasts finest in class 440 horsepower in addition to best in class 860 lbs ft. of torque in addition to best in class fuel economy which results in a whole lot of “best in class” features. About what you would expect in this segment from

Ford. With all those astoundingly decisive accolades one would not be faulted for convinced that this particular unit would have a much higher starting price point that it in reality actually has. The very reasonable MSRP to the 2016 Super Duty is actually a mere $32.385 which is a very respectable amount considering exactly what you get for your hard earned money. Whilst the passenger vehicle segment gets a plethora of fancy features from the technology department, one would expect that there might be a limited amount available for this segment but nothing could possibly be further through the truth.

Racewayford 5.2peg

Ford supplies the Ford Sync system to purchasers from the Super Duty allowing the driver access to hands free calling, music search and control and also automatic yellow pages download without any charge 911 assist along with other features. So, if you are looking for an absolute work horse that will give you all the creature comforts we have come to expect in every segment of automobile sales and a plethora of advanced technological features that make life a little easier and simpler, coupled with the characteristics that are the most crucial in this segment being payload and towing capacity.

Racewayford 5.3peg

After reeling off the list of features that are best in class in this solid offering from Ford we now have no doubt the decision of which workhorse to decide on should be a straightforward one. Well done Ford. Check out the perfect for selections and deals at Raceway Ford.

Audi & T-Mobile To Provide In-Car WiFi Internet for $15/month


I received a marketing alert by Audi connected with America today about a new offering i always thought had been surprisingly inexpensive and engaging – in-car world wide web from T-Mobile for as low as $15/month! While in-car world wide web may appear frivolous and unnecessary to start with, let everyone remind you this internet isn’t for viewing Facebook or myspace or Instagram any time you’re bored with a stop gentle (or a whole lot worse while you’re generating! ). As a substitute, Audi’s in-car world wide web offering is designed for providing real-time data on the navigation monitor with site visitors, streaming world wide web radio, and yes, perhaps tethering different devices (iPads, etc), although My spouse and i wouldn’t propose using individuals devices unless of course you’re some sort of passenger or with a complete end. Pictured above will be the interior with the 2015 Audi S3 Sedan, one of many cars that will offer the particular Audi Hook up system of which leverages the particular in-car Wi-Fi options through T-Mobile.

Like a premium manufacturer, Audis generally command quality prices. It’s nice to see the brand form teams with T-Mobile facts plans to provide something less expensive, making in-car wi-fi not appear so indulgent and unnecessary, but rather a excellent value that can potentially save tons of time and hassle.

Audi connected with America and T-Mobile UNITED STATES, Inc. today announced a new data plan that will provide Audi individuals with in-vehicle connectivity with a fraction of the price tag on its competitors’ options.

With the new data program, Audi owners can buy real-time news, weather and fuel charges, access to help Google Earth™ and Google Voice™ Local Search and retrieve details conveniently and securely above Wi-Fi through the award-winning Audi connect® infotainment and navigation program for as low as $15 a month. Passengers within models displaying Audi link can take pleasure in broadband connectivity for about eight equipment.

A major national customer satisfaction survey confirmed that Audi buyers rank the particular Audi link service because the second major factor guiding their purchase decision – simply just behind layout and ahead of engine effectiveness. Today, while using new facts plan rates, Audi and T-Mobile enable all the more Audi individuals and the passengers to access high-speed facts services out and about.

Audi Q5 named one of the top Luxury SUVs by Kelley Blue Book


I only got some sort of media alert that this Audi Q5 has been named one of several 10 Ideal Luxury SUVs by means of KBB. com, so when a happy Audi operator (and massive fan connected with KBB) I want to to share this very good news here! The Q5 has been chosen just for this distinction appreciate it primarily to be able to its pattern and hair styling, as well because 2. 0L engine, which usually are two in the reasons I’ve usually admired and recommended your Q5 personally. The Q5’s a couple of. 0T engine is virtually an identical from what was equipped during my old A4, and it happens to be an INCREDIBLE engine – quite peppy and fun to drive in hobby mode, however very energy resource efficient and smooth regarding daily traveling purposes…the best of each worlds. SUVs usually are rarely energy resource efficient or fun to drive, so your Q5 wins high marks in each fronts coming from me. I’ve had one as a loaner car whilst getting my automobile serviced and was rather impressed along with how that drove, in addition to how properly appointed the within was.

Audi Q5KBB publishers also commented for the Audi Q5’s style in their review, and although pattern & model are very subjective, I must agree using them there. It’s a good looking car to start with, and seems to be even better with a collection of aftermarket wheels much like the car pictured above. With a great number of “luxury SUVs” out there, I imagine the Q5 is exclusive in that will it’s subtle (not gaudy just like a Range Rover) and handsome (unlike your Lexus RX, with a soccer mom image). The inside is also just as well developed, featuring your trademark Audi attention-to-detail ensuring that everything fits together nice. This would be a great car for any road trip with a good amount of space and comfort to help keep you feeling fresh traveling for hours…””
@@@@@ “”I’ve find out about this matter happening to be able to others, and it finally happened in my opinion too – your dreaded “Dipped Headlight” miscalculation. After reading most of my favorite Audi community forums, I found a host of info, some of it helpful, most of it inconsistent, and some if that misguided. But piecing with each other the regular recommendations in addition to a little informed guessing and fact examining, I’ve identified a excellent approach proper who gets this problem in their own 2002-2008 Audi A4, S4 or maybe RS4 and wants to try and fix that themselves. The steps listed here will almost certainly also work for other Audis also, although may vary somewhat.
Precisely what does “Dipped Headlight” even mean?

The bottomline is, “Dipped Headlight” is actually Audi-speak regarding “there is actually something wrong with your low column headlight” which enable it to mean several things. This is section of why it can be so difficult to troubleshoot and fix all on your own, as your error doesn’t give you much information about what the issue is. If there is a VAG-COM cable television, or understand someone who, the cable television can examine your car’s laptop or computer and show you the precise error code which supports tremendously. For a lot of this miscalculation message only occurs intermittently, for instance when they’re traveling slow, if your car first begins, or in winter – regarding others, it occurs every period.
What to test First

There are lots of things that the majority of commonly result in this miscalculation after reading dozens of owners emails on Audizine, Fourtitude, Audiforums as well as other message planks. I’ve stated them below inside the order connected with how’d I’d recommend checking and testing the problem. The simplest action to take is to change the headlight light sources, followed from your headlight sensor in your front wheel well should you have adaptive/auto-leveling xenon headlights. The light sources are cheap to change so it’s a good place to start, and should you have symptoms of the bad sensor you can check the network and be sure it has been bent outside of place and fix those problems rather quickly. One other cheap/easy thing to attempt at very first is recalibrating your headlights making use of VAG-com, which requires usage of a VAG-com cable television but is actually otherwise pretty easy to do. Utilizing a VAG-com cable will also help a person pull the exact error code that will also assist you to narrow it right down to an issue with all the bulbs, ballasts, detectors or headlight alignment problems. Issues with the ballasts or maybe internal motor in the headlight usually are much trickier, and regretfully you’ll almost certainly need/want to change the entire headlight assemblage. Sorry for being the bearer connected with bad announcement, but with any luck you may pickup a fresh headlight and replace that at much less expensive the price of having your dealer or a completely independent shop repair it for you…
Headlight Bulbs

Typically where to begin is fresh headlight light sources, as they sometimes are the reason and one of several cheapest and easiest things to fix – regardless of whether new headlight light sources don’t repair the problem, you’ll eventually need to replace these anyway, so ponder over it preventative repair. If you will get the “headlight light out” information, see your own headlights “flicker” on/off often, or recognize that your dipped headlight miscalculation only occurs in winter or at first start way up, it’s probable your headlight bulbs could be on their way out. “”
@@@@@ “”My friend Brian McCauley connected with Audi N . Scottsdale only posted your pictures below on this BEAUTIFUL Audi A6 had by Phil Semple that i wanted to share with you here. The vehicle was tailor made ordered as a result of Audi Distinctive in Nogaro Violet, one connected with my the majority of favorite color colors manufactured by Audi of all time. The automobile was next lowered on some HRE P43S wheels to complete the look the thing is that here. Done well, Andrew! 979528_3352864837511_1332101633_n (1)

Nogaro Blue is definitely an extremely rare color to start with, and hasn’t already been a “standard” coloration on virtually any new Audis for quite a while. The final car that i know of that Nogaro Violet came as a standard/factory solution (not as part of a tailor made order) has been the B6 Audi S4 which has been produced coming from 2002-2005, and point Run Blue got over while Audi’s “bright blue” hue of preference.


Many enthusiasts however remember and love that color, especially one of the B5 and B6 Audi S4 group. The owner on this particular automobile owned some sort of Nogaro Violet B6 S4 prior to this, which can be quite an incredible combo!

Nogaro Violet B6 S4 + A6

Here are a few more images, snapped by means of Brian McCauley making use of his iPhone and a cool wide-angled contact:


Close-up in the wheels, what I do believe is your HRE P43S – some sort of top-of-the-line wheel, for some sort of top-of-the-line automobile! 1069077_3352865197520_833657195_n

Another nice touch will be the plate, clearing way up any misunderstandings if guy Audi enthusiasts view the car for the street and wonder when the car is in fact painted inside the illustrious Nogaro Violet or not…

Video Games Can Help You Develop Some Useful Skills

You have seen how your kids are when it comes to video games. It amazes you that they are able to move so quickly and with great agility at whatever game they may be playing yet somehow they never seem to have the vitality to clean up their room or take forever to take the garbage out. In any case, whilst you may concern yourself with all of the time that your particular kids spend playing a few of these games, they could actually be acquiring a much greater benefit than you realize. Recent research has shown that playing the driving video gaming can actually improve real-world ability to drive, giving you an edge out on the roadways for several reasons.


• Better Concentration – Online games seem to being about a higher-level of focus and concentration to whoever may be playing them, children or adults. Games which need fast moving skills like driving games take much greater concentration than other games to be sure that everything is done correctly, particularly when there are all kinds of obstacles and hindrances being thrown at you. This greater concentration translates over into your own driving since you can focus better on the road.


• Better Selection – A huge part of the games played today involves a myriad of decision making and a great deal of it needs to be done in a split second if you want to get positive results. The skill sets that are learned doing this inside the games will help to transfer into real life situations that can show up while you are driving. There may be instances where you need to decide on what to do quickly and also the skills you learned in driving games can help to improve your ability to get this done.

• Improve Defensive Driving – Many games which entail driving skills can help to lead you to have better defensive driving skills. In driving games you need to be conscious of everything happening around you and be aware of danger coming from almost any place. Additionally you need so as to take defensive action quickly to prevent a car accident. This translates pretty well into reality where you ought to be aware of some the risky moves and maneuvers that may be taken by other drivers on the road with you at any time. This will make you stay on your toes more and possess you making better usage of your mirrors and vision all of the time.


Using video games may not be able to turn you into a race car driver or action hero but it can aid you to improve your quantities of reaction and concentration, which can be essential to you as a driver. It never hurts to make sure you are driving a car that may be reliable and safe as well to make things much better for yourself. When it is time for you to improve your vehicle you may go over towards the RAM dealer in San Juan Capistrano at OC Ram Truck Center so you can look at the latest and used cars, trucks and SUVs you have to choose from. You can find an ideal car for you to take out about the roads each day so you can practice those great driving skills you may have honed during gaming.

Solar Orange 2014 Audi RS5 at Prestige Imports


My pal David who is a digital photographer for Status Imports within Denver, Co, posted some pictures in his Facebook or myspace and I had to share them in this article. While We initially teased some shots in my Facebook or myspace Page even though the car had been still within delivery manner, here jane is in her full glory cleaned upward and decreased from transport.

Audi RS5 Cabriolet OrangeThe shade combination isn’t for everybody, but I adore the RS5 and find it irresistible even more in Audi Distinctive colors that you see in this article. I’m 99% selected this vehicle is Solar Orange and contains the Platinum Silver interior a lot like my vehicle. It appears well optioned along with the “rotor” model wheels glimpse great within the car. The sole thing missing during my humble opinion would be the titanium or black optics bundle (whichever there’re calling that these days) because blacking away the firefox would help make the red pop superior and more dark gunmetal added wheels would do the same.


The car is so new for the dealership that hasn’t got on websites yet, but I’ll be sure you update this post which has a link for the listing along with pricing facts when it’s all set. Until next, thank anyone David regarding sharing these kinds of pics! inches
@@@@@ “”If you’re a great Audi owner who is as enthusiastic about these kinds of fantastic cars once we are then you certainly probably spend lots of time clean-up it inside and out to be sure it appears to be perfect. Vacuuming the inner, waxing this paint job and polishing this alloy added wheels – it could be very effort maintaining an excellent looking vehicle.

However in the event you spend all of that time on the outside of you don’t want to forget in relation to what’s underneath the hood. Cryogenesis may offer a different way of cleaning your current engine these types of, using dried up ice blasting to create impeccable results using techniques which have been non distressing and no abrasive, saving anyone hours in stretching in order to scrub apart at these hard to achieve areas – but why would you intend to clean your current engine these types of anyway?
Catch possible problems ahead of time

If your current engine these types of is insured in oil, oil along with grime then it’s going to make that much harder to spot potential difficulties until they become a more critical problem. As an example, it will probably be much simpler to spot unfastened plugs or perhaps hoses, as well as rust along with corrosion, but if your engine these types of is cleansed frequently.
Avoid problems being attributable to grime build-up

Your Audi’s vehicle engine is made up of hundreds connected with components, a number of which are usually sensitive, fragile and quickly negatively influenced. Grease along with grime build-up can affect these parts of your serp, not simply preventing anyone from identifying issues as stated earlier, but also ultimately causing a poorer performance. By clean-up the serp bay you’ll be able to ensure that you are getting essentially the most from your Audi.
Strengthen resale importance

If you’re looking to sell your vehicle then it may well affect your likelihood of getting the best possible deal but if your engine these types of is dirty. A informed prospective purchaser will examine within the hood, and the spotless serp bay besides maximises performance it shows that it must be a vehicle that is taken health care of – evidence the buyer shouldn’t knowledge any problems after driving your vehicle away. However, a unclean engine may postpone a purchaser altogether.
To sum up

If you’re trying to find the prefect serp bay clean then you should think about investing from the services of the firm such as Cryogenesis and discover some great benefits of dry snow blasting. Not only should it leave your current engine looking spotless but it will also make it easier to preserve and preserve clean later on.

What are usually your top methods for keeping your current Audi’s serp looking competitive with new? Tell us in this comments underneat

JHM Short Shifter


I only installed the JHM ‘Solid’ Short Shifter set for my B7 Audi S4, yet another great mod from JHM! I opted to help keep the OEM change knob and select the short shifter only rather than the trio deal, and selected a good deal during their own holiday sale earlier this December. After driving a car around for a few weeks, I wish I hadn’t waited so very long to get this – what a huge enhancement! Shifting can feel great and also definitely fixes a few of my major complaints with all the 6MT S4…even the “lazy” adjustments during everyday commuting are usually improved, let alone how considerably more fun the spirited driving a car is…
Traveling Impressions


This mod surely tightened in the shifting – I had no thought how shed and poor the OEM shifter ended up being until When i drove with this. After right adjusting I believe the moving feels incredibly smooth and also easy; We have heard many complain in regards to a notchy feeling from many but When i don’t have got this problem personally and also think that feels far finer quality than OEM in every way.

The shifting is obviously much quicker, but that being said, I’ve powered cars much shorter – this feels similar to how Audi needs offered from your factory in comparison with an aftermarket set, IMO. I sat inside a new STI over the weekend that had their own factory short shifter set installed and the OEM Subaru short shifter is significantly shorter in comparison with this – consequently be be confident this mod won’t create finding equipment tricky or seem cheap/aftermarket/touchy – it’s a pretty conservative (but much needed) realignment that tightens up shifting devoid of overdoing that. Like When i noted before, it does indeed help create ever change easier regardless of scenarios – just be sure to have that adjusted proper, which can be tricky since it’s a new precision part and needs to be lined up ever so perfectly.
Installing Notes


Installation ended up being definitely DIYable – it’s actually fairly easy other compared to the adjusting process which can be definitely tedious numerous others have got described. Removing and also installing it itself was quite simple following the videos JHM possesses posted. The simply tool When i didn’t have got was snap ring pliers – you can pick up a collection cheaper than $8 with Amazon, therefore you definitely will need these to install this item. Otherwise only watch and also follow on the videos and also installing the hardware can be quite straightforward – it’s simply the altering that gets tricky…

JHM Short Shifter Realignment

For altering – I’d advocate after configuring it there, leave the the trim off of the car and also drive around slightly to be certain you own it exactly where you need. I viewed the video tutorials below more than once and first got it very near (about 90% on the way there) however it was notchy inside first and also second and also wouldn’t slip into gear easily pulled past an acceptable limit towards myself, so When i posted with Audizine and also got some advice to get the final realignment dialed inside. First and also second at the moment are very smooth and never notchy in any respect, and I’m happy with the last settings. inches

The Red Cross and Toyota Involvement

Norwalktoyota 5.1jpeg

For individuals who own Toyota vehicles they frequently will follow what this manufacturer is associated with, in other places. Quite often however much of just what does Toyota does for the various communities and countries can easily go unnoticed. If you have not had the pleasure as yet of owning a Toyota vehicle, be sure to check out what the Toyota Dealer in Long Beach has to offer.

In the United States there has been an abundance of natural disasters that have recently taken place. Toyota has reached out to these communities through their support of the American Red Cross relief efforts. This has had the opportunity to help people who are in the North Texas and the Dallas area. This consists of Plano which just is the location area for the company’s new North American headquarters.

Toyota has not stopped using their support ending at just these areas. They are reaching out to other regions where Toyota also operates that were hard-hit. These are generally areas such as Alabama Mississippi and Missouri. It doesn’t take a current a disaster for Toyota to become associated with non profit organizations.

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This company is a member of the American Red Cross disaster responder program and has been so since 2014. They have been noted as making an annual contribution of $250,000 to ensure the Red Cross is ready capable to provide assistance immediately when areas become affected by disasters. The Red Cross is well known for the provision of shelter and food in addition to support to those that have been affected by a disaster and continue on during the process of recovery.

To really scale up the relief efforts Toyota has made a extra step forward by sponsoring a matching gift campaign. The Toyota company will match any team member donations made to the American Red Cross throughout the month of January. It is exactly what this includes.

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If a person were to mount up over the last decade the type of contributions that Toyota has made with the Red Cross it would figure to about $8 million. This doesn’t include the donation of vehicles that have been designed to provide support in the different disaster areas.

While not everyone may be impacted by these recent disasters it is actually nice to find out that a vehicle manufacturer including Toyota is there to be depended on not only in their top quality collection of vehicles for that individual consumers but for the communities in need in general. For a great selection of Toyota vehicles be sure to visit Norwalk Toyota.

Eurotek’s B8 Audi S4


This month’s included ride originates from a follower on Facebook, who assembled this fantastic B8 S4 you observe pictured above. Leo Alexandre, operator of Eurotek Tuning, wanted to show that it was possible to create a car and never have to spend excessive prices by using parts that were readily accessible to the public, so he built his S4 with this in mind…meanwhile he documented the particular build on their company website, and perhaps produced some pretty great videos to boot:

The goal for that build had been simple: while the car could undergo several performance renovations, it would nevertheless be a fantastic daily new driver, one which may still drive across the wife and also kids. It’s claimed that stock, the S4 really should produce 330 H . P ., and now it thumps out about 450 H . P .. While the particular build was a success, Eurotek wouldn’t mind several extra ponies, something the friends with APR may help with further down the road.


Their favorite mod on the car now is the INTEREST RATES Stage two Tune. Are just some of the some other mods with this 2011 S4 S-Tronic incorporates:

APR Period 2+ Software program
APR Supercharger Pulley Improve
STaSIS Tire out System
Eurocode Alu Kreuz Framework Brace
Carbonio Period 1 & two Intake
Neuspeed 19×9 RSe10 Tires
Michelin 255/35ZR19 Initial Super Sport Tires
INTEREST RATES Coolant Functionality System (CPS)
Eurocode Front & Back Swaybars (Adjustable Stabilizer Tavern Set)
Eurocode Front Swaybar Website link
Eurocode Aluminum Butt Link
Eurogear carbon fiber splitters (F&R)
P3 Port Gauge
Forge BBK


In relation to their store, Eurotek Tuning functions as (1) a great online shop that ships performance elements for Pound cars globally and (2) as a full-service ability in Vegas, Nevada. They talk with many models, and needed to give its own thanks towards the following sponsors: INTEREST RATES, Carbonio, Eurocode, Neuspeed, Eurogear, Deval, Bilstein, Forge Motorsport, 034 Motorsport, and also P3 Autos.