Which Ford Do You Want?

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Many people turn to the Kelly blue book for information on the ideal vehicles to get. One that you will be definitely going to discover listed here is the 2016 Ford F150 which has received the Kelly blue book best buy award for the 2016 year. The consensus would be that the Ford F150 is definitely the best selling truck in the us but it is also classed as being the best selling vehicle all way around. This vehicle is touted for the Best in class for payload towing and fuel economy when it comes to gasoline powered trucks. So, this is definitely going to want to be your first choice if it’s a truck that you are considering to buy. For the great collection of Ford vehicles of all sizes and models be sure you visit Glendale Ford.

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Then if you want to scale it down a bit and go for something a little bit smaller you definitely don’t want to pass up the 2016 Ford Explorer SUV. This is a great family vehicle which comes with a lot of perks featuring and is of course like every other Ford a car or truck built for safety. It’s a car or truck that you can depend on no matter what varying weather conditions you are going to be driving in. It doesn’t matter whether you want to apply it for getting backwards and forwards to work or for taking at the kids to all their sports events, or for cross country road trip, this really is a vehicle that will meet those needs. It speaks of confidence both on the outside as well as the interior. It has the 5 all new wheel designs and comes in three new colours and has something to offer every member of the family that looks for what their needs and wants in a vehicle.

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Then if it’s a sedan that is going to be your choosing you then want to look into the 2016 Ford Fiesta. It is a vehicle that may be built for easily handling and is a real head turner in relation to a vehicle that is loaded with impressive looks. They have sporty handling capabilities with it and is loaded with advanced technology options. It is full of pep and is definitely most pleasing in the fuel efficiency department with its Echo boost engine. These are just a few of many find 2016 Ford vehicles that you can choose from. You will discover a great selection of Ford vehicles at Sunrise Ford of North Hollywood.

Teaser Shot: DTH Fiberglass Side Skirts


Update: However, these are don’t production and also the company which made/sold them isn’t any longer in operation. As these kinds of, these usually are virtually impossible to get, unless someone happens upon a collection of used/secondhand facet skirts by some means.

Original Publish: Here is often a teaser chance of the new DTH facet skirts, male do they will look tired! The design of those skirts are similar to the notorious ProjektZwo sideskirts, providing an exceptionally clean, subtle as well as OEM+ search that goes well with the factory traces. I’m specially excited with how they flow properly with the OEM Chair Cupra 3rd there�s r lip in advance and the matte african american OEM S4 Backside Valence inside the rear – there’s a nice silver/black concept going. It in fact has me thinking about having the actual wheels powdercoated african american as well…I’d want to hear remarks on that particular!

How I was almost scammed on a set of Authentic BBS LM Wheels on VWVortex…


Buying used car pieces through motor vehicle message boards is usually the best way to obtain pieces a person couldn’t find the money for in any other case. Here’s an example – the particular evasive BBS LM added wheels, my favorite added wheels of them all. The particular BBS LMs expense $1179. 00 a bit upon VividRacing, that is just about the greatest charges I could locate at any place. Of which results in a mind boggling $4, 716. 00 for that arranged, then a person however will need tires. I’ve wished these types of added wheels since i had been a child, along with also have a watch out and about for just a employed arranged at a value I could find the money for.

Reduced along with behold, our aspiration added wheels receive put up upon VWVortex 5×112 Classifieds yesterday with regard to $2, 000. In excess of fifty percent away from new! I’ve viewed these individuals get involving $2, 500-3000, well, i considered this specific would definitely become a whole lot. And affirmed – it had been as well very good to get correct. This guy had been a real con-artist who truly came extremely close to nabbing our funds.

Here’s exactly how it worked:

He signs up since S4U upon VWvortex along with content these types of added wheels within the classifieds part the following: http: //forums. vwvortex. com/showthread. php? 4946047-BBS-LM-Wheels-19X8. 5-(32mm)

He states for you to desire “local buyers” – this specific happens to be a whole rest, but it makes him or her look like they wouldn’t be worried in order to meet face to face and an excellent deal with story/alibi. Numerous regional NYCers indeed make contact with him or her which can be extremely serious – they ignores all of their communications

My partner and i happen to observe his submit – I’m in Illinois although I want these types of added wheels poor ample My partner and i make contact with him or her regardless and gives to repay shipping. He replies immediately along with telephone calls me repeatedly at all hours. Points start off going speedily. Most of us settle on an amount associated with $1850 following talking about the mobile phone.

He desires your money routed by using WesternUnion or even MoneyGram – RED-COLORED WARN! He states they don’t has a PayPal Bank account & had been planning on offering these types of regional with regard to cash, so they wasn’t positive about how to accept funds in any other case. Some sort of to some degree believable story, since they performed state they favored regional customers and it is moving away from his approach to vessel in my experience. My partner and i have a look at WesternUnion & Moneygram and it’s clear mailing funds through these types of providers is a extremely poor notion. Heck, perhaps WesternUnion says to not send out funds through WesternUnion with regard to on the web buying after you don’t learn the particular seller…

My partner and i provide to repay fifty percent at the start, along with fifty percent once i buy them. My partner and i ask him or her for you to send out a photo showing they owns these individuals, using him or her a cards with his identify plus the night out. My partner and i don’t desire to release this specific large amount, even though I’ve got a poor sensation regarding it – probably we can easily however help it become operate?? ; however , the particular image they transmits seems away from – you’ll find BMW core truck caps, the particular added wheels have a very much deeper dish, the other appears fishy. My partner and i start to truly receive freaked out and about.

Toyota’s Community Involvement

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Toyota Motor America stepped out in style in Detroit on the North American International auto show. For a corporation known for its technologically advanced and extremely stylish automobiles Toyota did something completely unexpected and very much appreciated with the people of Detroit. When you haven’t had a chance to check out the great Toyota lineup of vehicles as yet make sure to visit Toyota dealer in Sunnyvale.

Recognizing that the state of Michigan, and Detroit especially, as gone through some very tough economic times Toyota chosen to do something special to give back to the community. Toyota has initiated a program called “Walk during my Boots” and that is a community outreach project that had been set up to assist homeless and low income families. The program now in its fifth year and it is extremely popular and shows the amount of Toyota cares about the community. So that you can help families in need through the winter months, over 1000 pairs of winter boots and socks were donated.

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As well as the socks and boots which were gratefully received through the Detroit community the company has additionally contributed more than $65,000 cash in the Detroit area alone, with $ 15,000 being donated just this year. The event, located on Detroit’s Eastside was held at the Salvation Army Connor Creek Community Center, which serves as a homeless shelter for single mothers along with their children as well as for disenfranchised women. Staff with the Salvation Army facility revealed that the program had been a huge success and that they felt that the program was incredibly important for residents of Detroit, explaining that many of these low income families and children of our own forced to walk to school without winter boots or warm socks in an area of the United States where snow and cold in the winter months are a fact of life.

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Although companies make altruistic gestures by donating money to various charities to result in, for the most part it does not get the opportunity to see how they’ve helped the communities the donate to, by taking the approach that Toyota Motor Corp. has of giving winter boots and warm socks to families in need, they get the chance to see firsthand the good that they’re doing in the community. Now if only more companies would follow Toyotas lead the world would be a much better and warmer place. For some great Toyota vehicle deals don’t forget to pay a visit to Stevens Creek Toyota.

The Ultimate Plasti-Dip Guide – Tips, Ideas & More for Cars


Plasti-Dip is awesome for BUILD IT YOURSELF projects – the idea leaves a textured complete that seems to be very OEM, yet it can be removable should you ever want to return your car here we are at stock, ideal for thing like blacking out and about your symbols, grille, interior trim or car parts. An additional benefit is that it must be super durable, even also then paint in several applications, such it is good for parts like your top grille. As someone containing done quite a few projects with Plasti-Dip aerosol paint, I idea I’d give a few tips & recommendations on the way to get the best results – that is from a mix of my private experience, as well as from others i have examine online. Several of these pointers also sign up for using normal spray fresh paint, but with Plasti-Dip they may be especially important….

Plasti-Dip Request Tips (for Spray Cans):

Take into account practicing with something unimportant first, just to have the hang than it. Something like a light move cover, a bit of scrap wood, or a thing lying around in your garage.
Clean whatever part you’re coating really thoroughly – Begin with soap & water, but next use acetone, fresh paint thinner, or toenail polish remover to ensure you get the many finger grease & and many others. off of it…
If you’re not thinking of removing the particular plasti-dip ever before, consider sanding the particular part before coating the idea. While not needed, sanding the particular part can produce superior results…
Your initial few coats need to be very light. You need to establish a base. Begin with a really, very light spray within the part, so thin you can still start to see the original coloring under the idea. Wait about 15 minutes then accomplish another light coat, but this time around spray thicker enough anyone can’t start to see the base coloring anymore.
Within your next couple of coats start out laying the idea down plumper and plumper. Once you have a solid base established, you could & should lay the idea on very thick – obviously you don’t are interested to manage, but you would like it with thick enough it seems to be glossy.
Shake the particular can a good deal, and take breaks while spraying therefore you don’t find lazy and also hold the idea one spot too much time and generate drips.
Don’t seek to spray too large of a space at one time – the particular nozzle will start to clog, causing drips and also uneven spraying. If you’re likely to do a substantial area, have several cans you can switch involving so there’s no-one to is used longer when compared with 1-2 units.
Allow 30-40 units between jackets after your current first two coats
Make sure to spray the idea from several angles for getting full coverage – I suggest propping the particular part in place, and then ensuring you could walk close to it so that you can hit the idea from just about every angle. When you don’t find full & actually coverage, some aspects of it make look dark or glossier than other locations.
The closer you’re, the softer the structure. The additionally away you own the could, the additional textured the idea looks. Spray accordingly, but possibly be forewarned if you spray past an acceptable limit away it will be really troublesome to clean…
Let the idea dry for several days before seeking to wash or clean the idea – it will take a small longer to fully cure and will also be a small sticky or tacky to the touch in the particular meantime. Whenever possible, I’d wait no less than 24-48 several hours before putting in the part with your car to be sure it doesn’t chip prematurely.
Maintain can straight when spraying, and make sure you clean out and about the nozzle by spraying it the other way up when carried out. It is not hard for the idea to block, which can produce very poor results.
Temperatures – including normal aerosol paint, avoid extreme temperatures like it getting really chilly, really monsoon, or actually hot. This may affect drying out time and could also avoid it by curing effectively.
Over-spray – now this can be a really wonderful thing concerning Plasti-dip – anyone don’t need to worry concerning over-spray that will much…if someone happens to overspray you will be able to peel the idea off.
You can refresh your current plasti-dipped items if they start in order to wear, fade or chip – after in regards to year my grille needed several touch ups, and so i just cleaned it and also re-sprayed the idea from scuff, starting having a few light coats and then building the idea up, just as I initially did, plus the results have been stellar, turning it into look brand-new again.
Always buy a few further cans – as you are spray the idea on very thick, you move through it very quickly. DipYourCar. com delivers kits therefore you have programs to complete your project.

Plasti-Dip Elimination Tips:

Quite as important as applying it, is the way to remove the idea. Personally My spouse and i haven’t been too successful of this type, but here are the most common ways to clear out it:

Strain washer – great time it off of
Mineral Mood or Acetone – break down it
Sandpaper – sand it off of

Uses pertaining to Plasti-Dip with Cars:

You can use Plasti-Dip virutally anywhere except regions that get scorching such as the engine these kinds of or round the brakes & tires.

Black-out Grilles – an affordable project that can really transform the looks of your current car…
Black-out Insignias – de-chrome these ugly badges by spraying these individuals with Plasti-Dip for any more stealth seem. You may also do this while using the emblem still attached to the auto! Check out and about this line on G35NYC. com pertaining to pointers on this
Black-out screen or stainless- trim – just like the emblems, your overspray can peel right off the windows of this car and/or auto paint, so that you can use this particular to very easily deal with your screen trim.
Interior Trim – I’ve observed several persons Plasti-Dip interior trim pieces correspond their OEM lean – the particular black distinctive look suits perfectly with lots of common interior materials, turning it into seem like it came this way from the particular factory
Trolley wheels – I’ve observed it carried out, but My spouse and i wouldn’t suggest it since it will deteriorate with time. If you’re considering getting your wheels powdercoated african american, you could try Plasti-Dipping the crooks to see the way they look, of course, if you don’t think it�s great you could always peel or pressure wash off of the Plasti-Dip.
Rear Valence – this one is iffy – the heat from your current exhaust may possibly eventually melt off the Plasti-Dip, so it depends how much power your car or truck puts out of course, if you’ve still got catalytic converters or not, except for many applications you’ll possibly be fine.

Where you’ll get it:
While many places offer Plasti-Dip, I recommend DipYourCar. com – they’ve got the most effective prices, and in addition they focus specifically on the car enthusiasts and automotive related applications of Plasti-Dip. They will answer your current questions and also sell a kit containing everything you’ll need to Plasti-Dip your car or truck, no subject what the length of the project!

Plasti-Dip Images

Like My spouse and i said, the really cool element about Plasti-Dip may be the finish & structure. Take a look at these images I got comparing Plasti-Dip in order to matte african american Krylon Blend spray fresh paint. You is able to see that the particular Plasti-Dip is actually less shiny, more distinctive, and carries a really OEM appear and feel to the idea. Add compared to that, it’s much more durable! My grille with standard aerosol paint started off chipping in a week, but when sprayed in Plasti-Dip the idea lasted months!

Carbon Fiber B Pillars by oCarbon for my Audi A4


My friends at oCarbon do it yet again – my own B Pillars are now wrapped within the same 5HS co2 fiber that will my inner surface & front filler platter are carried out in, and so they came out and about awesome. I’m really stoked together with how these came out – while I didn’t imagine it’d be considered a very obvious part at first, it turns out the extremely opposite is valid – My spouse and i see these whenever I open the entranceway, which implies I’m approached with co2 fiber awesomeness prior to I actually get inside of. The hilarious part is I simply had a man at a gas station ask me where I acquired these carried out as this individual liked it a whole lot! Of the many mods carried out to my own car, these caught up out with him the most!

I took this picture to exhibit how nicely it ties with the interior reduce:

Carbon Linens B PIllar & Indoor TrimAnother really cool part concerning these can be that they’re comparatively subtle from far. From a distance, they search pretty exactly like the OEM shine black complete – they blend right set for a extremely clean search. It’s only when you’re up close you may not see how slick these are generally, which can be what I really like about these.

Thanks yet again to oCarbon for that great perform – I really like that they i want to choose your fabric & weave pattern of preference. Right today, I’m the sole Audi jogging 5HS materials (each follicle of fabric covers 5 other strands, and then under one, versus your 1×1 or maybe 2×2 twill pattern that is more common). They’ve already also carried out some really cool projects in colored kevlar/carbon soluble fiber (silver, azure, yellow, etc) and also unique pieces and models, and they really custom each piece to check exactly how you want, and that is awesome.

Next up for that car is going to be some related mirror shelves! I can’t wait for those: )

Exciting Aspects about the Toyota RAV4

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Looking for a family vehicle might not be an easy task if you need to weigh in so many factors in the decision-making process. The ideal way for you to accomplish this is to generally make a list of what you need in the vehicle, and after that go from there. If you’ve decided that Toyota will be the manufacturer you wish to run with, you’re not the only one, as they are definitely one of the most popular truck and car builders there may be, and they definitely have a good reputation for building nice looking vehicles which are durable enough to handle everything you throw at them, whether at your workplace or play. You can check out an incredible selection of Toyota vehicles at Toyota Huntington Beach .

Southcoasttoyota 5.2jpeg

One of several favorites among drivers with families is definitely the Toyota RAV4, and also the 2017 model is looking extremely sharp with some great new enhancements and improved specs it is likely to be a fantastic best-selling family vehicle again this year. You will find some similarities between this vehicle and the New Toyota RAV4, especially in regards to the outside appearance, when you are familiar with the Toyota C-HR crossover. Critics love the new redesigned front-end of the RAV4 with its new grille, restyled front bumper, and cooler looking headlights.

Southcoasttoyota 5.3jpeg

The inner is as comfortable as it is awesome looking, with the dash and console lighting up with LED lighting. In addition, it features a new digital 7in touch screen with online connections and blue tooth connectivity, along with an audio system with a bunch of excellent features. The driver has the luxury of the electric powered seat, there is enough foot and head room for the entire family to sit quite comfortably.

Using the 2017 Toyota RAV4 you may have all of the features you need to make your family safe, as well as occupied (and quiet) when on the streets, which is a thing that will give you reassurance in many ways. Don’t miss out on the truly amazing Toyota deals at www.southcoasttoyota.com.

My 2011 Christmas/Holiday Gift Guide for Audi Lovers


I’m a difficult guy to look for…people know I enjoy cars, nonetheless they also recognize I’m very particular in relation to my auto, the products I take advantage of on that, where I go for service and the rest. They also think I own anything Audi/car-related that’s ever been manufactured (sadly, definitely not true), so they tend to shy clear of buying auto related gifts in my opinion even though they recognize I’m enthusiastic about cars and specifically Audi.

Here are several gift suggestions that even the most discerning Audi lover will relish:

Audi R8 GT Diecast Type
1: 20 Diecast Products

Whether that be of the car the person already are the owners of, or perhaps their aspiration car like this Audi R8 GT ($32), a diecast type of their favourite Audi can be a nice decoration for ones desk, company, garage or even other room of preference. Another really nice the first is this very detailed Audi V8 Quattro DTM Battle Car ($98) by means of Minichamps.

Refined Products — Holiday Surprise Guide
Refined Products

You possibly can never have enough tire glimmer or microfiber towels, or you possibly can pamper these individuals with several high-end detail products the pros employ. Check available my post on detail for more tips about this subject, or investigate Car Refined Holiday Surprise Guide through Detailed Images.

Eurotuner Publication – Holiday Gift Guide
Car Publication subscriptions

Just as tire glimmer, you can never have ample car periodicals: ) Decide what they curently have, then health supplement with other folks. It’s a cheap gift from $10-30 each year, and it’s a great gift that will keep giving all year long. I professionally enjoy Eurotuner, American Car, Car & New driver, Road & Course, and Electric motor Trend.

Car Charger – Gifts
Car Chargers

Should they don’t curently have a charger because of their smartphone inside their car, I’m sure they’d just like one…This auto charger through Scosche (pictured preceding, $8. 99) can be genius since it allows 3 USB chargers being plugged throughout, so your could employ it on an iPhone, Android or any other device which charges by using USB. Another option can be a DC/AC inverter which usually coverts ones car’s smoke lighter straight into 2 common outlets, so your could employ that for merely anything (perfect for the outdoorsman! ).

Radar Detector — Holiday Surprise Guide
Radar Detector

It’s an excellent gift, specifically for someone having a heavy ft .. I recognize mine provides saved me from getting a ticket more than once in past times. Escort creates good radar detectors for the price, find the X50 ($288) intended for basic requires, or the particular 9500ix ($449. 92) if they live where there may be photo/camera radar. Should they already have one, consider obtaining them a new hardwire kit so as to hide the particular cord and possess it instantly turn on/off using the car (NicksCarBlog. com set up guide here).

Refined Gift Playing cards – Holiday Gift Guide
Detailing/Car Wash Gift Accreditation

Find available where they obtain car washed/detailed, and find out if they have any present certificates for a free auto wash or even wax. Or find the same, but for an acrylic change or even tune-up, although be aware as several enthusiasts are going to be very weary on where they may or won’t take their auto (the dealership generally is a safe choice however).

Audi Hat – Holiday Gift Guide
Audi Clothing

Audi makes a number of nice apparel & accessories with the Audi Variety, and ladies lot involving nice unlicensed stuff in existence too. From t-shirts to be able to hats and windbreakers, as well as this products bag, there are a lot of well put together Audi connected gifts for ones favorite auto lover. These types of Audi cufflinks usually are pretty cunning, as can be this Audi Variety watch, too. Use promotional code HOL11 for getting free transport on all orders over $75 through the Audi Variety store (limited moment only).

Gopro MOtorsports HD – Holiday Gift Guide
GoPro HD Motorsports Leading man

This can be a fun portable camcorder ($199. 00) you possibly can mount anywhere with your car (inside & out) to be able to capture video whilst you drive, rather which be on the track, a new road getaway, autocross, or any kind of spirited driving you wish to capture. The video quality is extremely good, and the particular camera is very versatile and can be employed outside involving motorsports too – you possibly can mount to virtually any helmet and capture anything from snowboarding to cycling too!

Driving Sneakers – Holiday Gift Guide
Driving Sneakers

A nice couple of driving shoes can double as being a nice couple of sneakers intended for non-driving situations, too. Discover their running shoe size then head over to town! I prefer these options by Piloti ($40-89. 99) & The puma company ($84. 99), or you can get something race certified (FIA scored, fireproof) just like those through Sparco or even AlpineStars.

ECS Tuning Surprise Card
ECS Tuning Surprise Card

ECS Tuning has a ton of parts for merely every recent Audi product available. It�s likely, any Audi enthusiast can find a method to spend money there. When you’re really stumped, a great gift card can be thoughtful as you researched & found a specialized store that is certainly right way up there street.

Audi Critical Chain
Audi Critical Chain

A cunning key chain is usually nice. I’ve this a single ($38. 99, pictured above), which also has carbon fiber on there, and I enjoy it. It’s a bit pricey so that it is a “splurge” purchase which a car enthusiast wouldn’t generally buy intended for themselves, so it’s an excellent gift to provide IMO.

Audi Sport License Menu Frame — Holiday Surprise Guide
Audi License Plate Shape

A wonderful license plate frame facilitates hide which ugly licenses plate frame and as well communicates to be able to other drivers the owner can be a true enthusiast. Check out this blog from Audi Sport ($39. 80) or even this dark S-Line a single ($18. 99). Consider looking so that you can match the type of their auto (S4, RS4, TT, etc).

Audi Sunshade — Holiday Surprise Guide
Personalized Fit Sunshade

Should they live in the sunny area, having a new custom suit sun hue is wonderful. Look for your personal that usually are model specific rather than just generic “one sizing fits all” seeing that they’ll possibly be easiest to work with frequently. Here can be one for the A3, A4, or even A5 (all $34. 95), to begin with.

Car Addresses – Holiday Gift Guide
Car Cover

If the person you usually are buying products for park system their auto outside, or under a motor vehicle port, a motor vehicle cover are going to be much appreciated. I enjoy my Empire Addresses car protect, and recommend them to you personally, too!

Audi Furry friend Shirt
Audi Furry friend Accessories

This kind of pet scruff of the neck is too cute intended for words, as would be the Doggie the game of golf shirt because of the Audi assortment, both currently being great gifts on an Audi lover who’s going to be also a new pet enthusiast.
.. and a new Happy Getaways from Nick’s Car Blog!

I am hoping you all possess a safe & content holidays, and luxuriate in your autos, family, and pals in a sound body.

My B7 Audi S4 – Photoshoot by Venezia Photography


Since obtaining my coilovers installed and my own 19 BBS CH Dark-colored Editions fit back with, I’ve also been itching to have some excellent photos regarding my car and write about how all of it came away. My pal David regarding Venezia Photography been in Phoenix with the weekend in addition to I were able to take an escape from observing Party Texas hold’em TV to get a quick picture shoot. He did a wonderful job in addition to I highly recommend you check out his site and his or her Flickr site for additional automotive associated awesomeness; likewise if you’re inside Phoenix region, hit him up to get a photo throw.

My B7 Audi S4

If your location from the photoshoot seems familiar, maybe you recognize that from my own A4. It’s style of funny to see them to back – while silver was less difficult to hold clean, boy also boy feel I satisfied with the crimson.

My B7 Audi A4

Here are a few more from the shots he / she took – appreciate:

Audi S4 Badge

Nick Roshon also called nnnick

And last of all – a different!

My B7 Audi S4

We hope to get together again soon to perform some moving shots. In the meantime, I appreciate your thinking below on what to do next! inches

5 of the Worst Distractions While Driving

It appears as if it is so simple today to get distracted while you are driving. There are many more cars on the road today than ever before, meaning you always want to be at the top of your game and paying the most attention when you are driving, even if it is simply a mile or two in the future to the store. All it takes is a split second of not looking up at something and you can discover youself to be in a horrific accident. Since there are so many different things that can be going on in your car at any moment it is possible to see why people get so distracted. Here are the 5 things you should try to avoid since they could be the worst distractions for you while you are driving.

• Eating and Drinking – This is something that probably everyone does at some point while they are driving and it may possibly not seem like a large deal, however it can actually cause a lot of problems for you. While you are concentrating on eating that sandwich, cookie or drinking your smoothie you happen to be not paying attention fully towards the road. All it takes is you taking your hand off of the wheel to arrive at for a snack or for you to inadvertently spill some of that coffee on the lap as you drive for something bad to happen and you lose control of your car.

Right Toyota 5-1

• The Youngsters – Passengers in your car are more likely to be one of the biggest distractions to you and when they are kids the distraction is even more. An infant crying in the car seat, toddlers yelling for you to examine what they are doing or even youngsters arguing forward and backward to each other may be enough to obtain to turn around and find out what is going on. All it takes is that second of not paying attention to the road in front of you on an accident to take place. If the kids need your attention that badly, simply pull over and see what is happening.

• Grooming – You probably see lots of people using their makeup, brushing their hair as well as shaving while driving. This is trouble waiting to happen as all kinds of problems can occur if a hand slips. Simply the fact there is no need both hands around the wheel while driving can cause problems for you.

Right Toyota 5-2

• Texting – As much as you might think you can safely send a note to your friend or improve your status on social media while you are driving, you actually cannot. Texting is one of the largest causes of accidents today and also the distractions it causes you can be catastrophic.

Stock Photo by Sean Locke www.digitalplanetdesign.com

Stock Photo by Sean Locke

Not while driving, although • Cell Phone Calls – Possessing a smartphone or cell phone has revolutionized the globe and they are great tools. When you are holding the device and talking you are not paying attention fully to driving and you are an accident waiting to happen.

You want to do all you can to limit the possibility of any type of accident so it is always best to pay the most attention while driving. You may even would like to get a newer car that can help you cut down on distractions and have better safety features. You can find all kinds of options at your local Toyota dealer in Mesa at Right Toyota. They may have just the type of car that you should be as safe as you can be while driving.