You Are Going to Want the Ford Super Duty

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Anyone considering one of the big boys around the block inside the super duty pick up segment are not going to be disappointed together with the 2016 Super Duty through the Ford Motor Company. For a great choice of Ford vehicles all it takes is visiting San Bernardino Ford.

This absolute beast is packing some serious hardware in the drive train department with an available massive second generation 6.7 liter v8 turbo diesel. This clean and quiet baby boasts finest in class 440 horsepower in addition to best in class 860 lbs ft. of torque in addition to best in class fuel economy which results in a whole lot of “best in class” features. About what you would expect in this segment from

Ford. With all those astoundingly decisive accolades one would not be faulted for convinced that this particular unit would have a much higher starting price point that it in reality actually has. The very reasonable MSRP to the 2016 Super Duty is actually a mere $32.385 which is a very respectable amount considering exactly what you get for your hard earned money. Whilst the passenger vehicle segment gets a plethora of fancy features from the technology department, one would expect that there might be a limited amount available for this segment but nothing could possibly be further through the truth.

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Ford supplies the Ford Sync system to purchasers from the Super Duty allowing the driver access to hands free calling, music search and control and also automatic yellow pages download without any charge 911 assist along with other features. So, if you are looking for an absolute work horse that will give you all the creature comforts we have come to expect in every segment of automobile sales and a plethora of advanced technological features that make life a little easier and simpler, coupled with the characteristics that are the most crucial in this segment being payload and towing capacity.

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After reeling off the list of features that are best in class in this solid offering from Ford we now have no doubt the decision of which workhorse to decide on should be a straightforward one. Well done Ford. Check out the perfect for selections and deals at Raceway Ford.