Which Ford Do You Want?

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Many people turn to the Kelly blue book for information on the ideal vehicles to get. One that you will be definitely going to discover listed here is the 2016 Ford F150 which has received the Kelly blue book best buy award for the 2016 year. The consensus would be that the Ford F150 is definitely the best selling truck in the us but it is also classed as being the best selling vehicle all way around. This vehicle is touted for the Best in class for payload towing and fuel economy when it comes to gasoline powered trucks. So, this is definitely going to want to be your first choice if it’s a truck that you are considering to buy. For the great collection of Ford vehicles of all sizes and models be sure you visit Glendale Ford.

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Then if you want to scale it down a bit and go for something a little bit smaller you definitely don’t want to pass up the 2016 Ford Explorer SUV. This is a great family vehicle which comes with a lot of perks featuring and is of course like every other Ford a car or truck built for safety. It’s a car or truck that you can depend on no matter what varying weather conditions you are going to be driving in. It doesn’t matter whether you want to apply it for getting backwards and forwards to work or for taking at the kids to all their sports events, or for cross country road trip, this really is a vehicle that will meet those needs. It speaks of confidence both on the outside as well as the interior. It has the 5 all new wheel designs and comes in three new colours and has something to offer every member of the family that looks for what their needs and wants in a vehicle.

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Then if it’s a sedan that is going to be your choosing you then want to look into the 2016 Ford Fiesta. It is a vehicle that may be built for easily handling and is a real head turner in relation to a vehicle that is loaded with impressive looks. They have sporty handling capabilities with it and is loaded with advanced technology options. It is full of pep and is definitely most pleasing in the fuel efficiency department with its Echo boost engine. These are just a few of many find 2016 Ford vehicles that you can choose from. You will discover a great selection of Ford vehicles at Sunrise Ford of North Hollywood.