The Red Cross and Toyota Involvement

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For individuals who own Toyota vehicles they frequently will follow what this manufacturer is associated with, in other places. Quite often however much of just what does Toyota does for the various communities and countries can easily go unnoticed. If you have not had the pleasure as yet of owning a Toyota vehicle, be sure to check out what the Toyota Dealer in Long Beach has to offer.

In the United States there has been an abundance of natural disasters that have recently taken place. Toyota has reached out to these communities through their support of the American Red Cross relief efforts. This has had the opportunity to help people who are in the North Texas and the Dallas area. This consists of Plano which just is the location area for the company’s new North American headquarters.

Toyota has not stopped using their support ending at just these areas. They are reaching out to other regions where Toyota also operates that were hard-hit. These are generally areas such as Alabama Mississippi and Missouri. It doesn’t take a current a disaster for Toyota to become associated with non profit organizations.

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This company is a member of the American Red Cross disaster responder program and has been so since 2014. They have been noted as making an annual contribution of $250,000 to ensure the Red Cross is ready capable to provide assistance immediately when areas become affected by disasters. The Red Cross is well known for the provision of shelter and food in addition to support to those that have been affected by a disaster and continue on during the process of recovery.

To really scale up the relief efforts Toyota has made a extra step forward by sponsoring a matching gift campaign. The Toyota company will match any team member donations made to the American Red Cross throughout the month of January. It is exactly what this includes.

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If a person were to mount up over the last decade the type of contributions that Toyota has made with the Red Cross it would figure to about $8 million. This doesn’t include the donation of vehicles that have been designed to provide support in the different disaster areas.

While not everyone may be impacted by these recent disasters it is actually nice to find out that a vehicle manufacturer including Toyota is there to be depended on not only in their top quality collection of vehicles for that individual consumers but for the communities in need in general. For a great selection of Toyota vehicles be sure to visit Norwalk Toyota.