JHM Short Shifter


I only installed the JHM ‘Solid’ Short Shifter set for my B7 Audi S4, yet another great mod from JHM! I opted to help keep the OEM change knob and select the short shifter only rather than the trio deal, and selected a good deal during their own holiday sale earlier this December. After driving a car around for a few weeks, I wish I hadn’t waited so very long to get this – what a huge enhancement! Shifting can feel great and also definitely fixes a few of my major complaints with all the 6MT S4…even the “lazy” adjustments during everyday commuting are usually improved, let alone how considerably more fun the spirited driving a car is…
Traveling Impressions


This mod surely tightened in the shifting – I had no thought how shed and poor the OEM shifter ended up being until When i drove with this. After right adjusting I believe the moving feels incredibly smooth and also easy; We have heard many complain in regards to a notchy feeling from many but When i don’t have got this problem personally and also think that feels far finer quality than OEM in every way.

The shifting is obviously much quicker, but that being said, I’ve powered cars much shorter – this feels similar to how Audi needs offered from your factory in comparison with an aftermarket set, IMO. I sat inside a new STI over the weekend that had their own factory short shifter set installed and the OEM Subaru short shifter is significantly shorter in comparison with this – consequently be be confident this mod won’t create finding equipment tricky or seem cheap/aftermarket/touchy – it’s a pretty conservative (but much needed) realignment that tightens up shifting devoid of overdoing that. Like When i noted before, it does indeed help create ever change easier regardless of scenarios – just be sure to have that adjusted proper, which can be tricky since it’s a new precision part and needs to be lined up ever so perfectly.
Installing Notes


Installation ended up being definitely DIYable – it’s actually fairly easy other compared to the adjusting process which can be definitely tedious numerous others have got described. Removing and also installing it itself was quite simple following the videos JHM possesses posted. The simply tool When i didn’t have got was snap ring pliers – you can pick up a collection cheaper than $8 with Amazon, therefore you definitely will need these to install this item. Otherwise only watch and also follow on the videos and also installing the hardware can be quite straightforward – it’s simply the altering that gets tricky…

JHM Short Shifter Realignment

For altering – I’d advocate after configuring it there, leave the the trim off of the car and also drive around slightly to be certain you own it exactly where you need. I viewed the video tutorials below more than once and first got it very near (about 90% on the way there) however it was notchy inside first and also second and also wouldn’t slip into gear easily pulled past an acceptable limit towards myself, so When i posted with Audizine and also got some advice to get the final realignment dialed inside. First and also second at the moment are very smooth and never notchy in any respect, and I’m happy with the last settings. inches