2009 Audi A6 unveiled; 15% more fuel efficient


While the actual Mercedes features released the actual pictures of its 2010 Elizabeth class, Audi adjusted a action further in addition to given us the official pictures in addition to technical specs with the 2009 Audi A6 that may take directly, the Merc E-class and also the BMW 5 line. The completely new generation search engines from Audi assurance us to supply 15% more fuel productivity.

The completely new model includes features just like new single-frame bbq, bumpers, air flow vents in addition to fog lamps, new BROUGHT daytime managing lights, a whole new gentle lip for the trunk, integrated opera strip for the bumper, broad diffuser in addition to straight exhaust pipes are part in addition to partial with the revamped rear end.

Under the actual cowl the newest Audi receives a directory of engines just like 2. 0 TFSI 170 bhp, a pair of new only two. 8-liter FSI search engines: the 190 bhp or even the two hundred and twenty bhp, 3. 0 TFSI having 290 bhp and also the astonishing some. 2 FSI, some sort of 350 bhp V8 serp. Pricing with the car commences from $50, 985.

News release:

A champion always develops on his or her strengths: That’s the reason why Audi features again improved its extravagance class A6 product. Efficient engines have been added towards drive-train array, with innovative technologies chopping fuel use by about 15 percent throughout the whole product range. An increased suspension in addition to new high-tech help system required driver increased control above the car. Plus the new-generation MMI management system will be out-performing themselves. The renewed A6 will probably be launched inside the German market in delayed summer.

It’s the actual sportiest and most popular business sedan available. The Audi A6 will be leading the actual Premium D pack – the two in The european countries and world wide. In 2007, Audi distributed about 234, 000 devices, giving the actual A6 some sort of 37 percent market reveal among the core rivals. Most with the A6’s distributed were pre-loaded with six- or even eight-cylinder search engines, permanent 4×4 quattro and also a luxury assortment of optional apparatus – all evidence of the large regard Audi systems is experiencing worldwide.

Its style is emphasized by a selection of bold completely new accents, correctly articulating the actual A6’s powerful personality. The single-frame bbq, bumpers, air flow vents in addition to fog lamps have most gotten some sort of facelift.

The optionally-available xenon furthermore, LED daytime running lights have been redesigned as horizontal strip with 6 LEDs each and every. Other selections include Audi adaptive gentle, a active cornering gentle system, and also the high-beam admin that on auto-pilot switches between high in addition to low column.

An aluminum-colored molding crossing the attributes emphasizes the actual A6’s active contour. At 4. 93 measures (16. teen ft) long, 1. 90 meters (6. 10 ft) large, and 1. 46 meters (4. 79 ft) large, little features changed inside the sedan’s nice proportions. The soothing lip for the trunk, integrated opera strip for the bumper, broad diffuser in addition to straight exhaust pipes are part in addition to partial with the revamped rear end. The bipartite backside lights having LED technology also have gotten a whole new look: narrow and large, they taper inward for the sedan. And you will discover 13 exterior colors to select from, including a few new ones.

The A6’s roomy interior using its clean in addition to elegant curves and ideal craftsmanship will be characteristic of the luxury model. The backside seats are incredibly comfortable and also the L-shaped headrests enhance the driver’s backside view field of vision. As a possibility, the rear seats might be fitted which has a comfortable 2-seater bench. A package deal of complex features ensures the noises level will be cut by means of almost 50 %, particularly within just critical frequency ranges.

The instrument cell uses completely new higher-resolution images; and a whole new frame superior accentuates the actual display (color inside the optional MMI routing system). Tastefully-appointed opera trim, even for the spokes with the steering steering wheel, call awareness of its overall elegance in addition to inlays can be found in either lightweight aluminum look or even fine timber.

As will be expected of an Audi, the inside designers have made sure all the actual colors in addition to materials fit. Standard seats might be optionally upholstered which has a new product; the activity seats can be found in Valcona leather. Soft armrests for the doors enhance comfort, while integrated headrest system reduces the risk of whiplash.

Audi is now offering a good S-line athletics package for that most active of drivers. The package deal includes increased performance functions like 18-inch wheels and athletics suspension which lowers the actual ride peak by thirty millimeters (1. eighteen in). Its sporty seating, decorative inlays in addition to upholstery required black-trimmed interior a feeling of more exclusivity and also the S-line exterior package provides more drama. Features using this Audi distinctive program are tailor-made to adjust to the A6’s luxury-seeking mavericks.

Among the major strengths with the A6 lies in its broad offering of engines: 6 gas in addition to four diesels use direct energy injection in addition to cutting-edge FSI, TFSI in addition to TDI systems in a range of four, 6 or 8 cylinders. Regardless of whether stick adjust, convenient tiptronic or even high-efficiency multitronic, the power literally flows towards front wheels, or all wheels as an example. Its search engines are the two powerful in addition to efficient. New measures have been introduced in order to optimize search engines and reduce fuel use without compromising one ounces of traveling pleasure. Fuel consumption above the whole A6 family continues to be lowered by means of about 15 percent.

The tiniest gas engine is the 2. 0 TFSI, some sort of 125 kW (170 hp) turbocharged four-cylinder system. On another end with the spectrum is the 4. only two FSI, some sort of 257 kW (350 hp) V8 serp. Audi V6 models might be equipped with certainly one of its a pair of new only two. 8 liter FSI search engines; the one hundred forty kW (190 hp) or even the 162 kW (220 hp). Each engines attribute the innovative Audi Valvelift Technique (AVS), which handles the inlet device timing so that there is more torque in addition to less energy consumption. Irrespective of which only two. 8 FSI serp the A6 four door is fixed, average energy consumption is just 8. only two liters for each 100 km’s (28. 68 YOU mpg) for that 190 h . p ., 6-speed manual shift or even 8. some liters for each 100 km’s (28. 00 YOU mpg) for that 220 h . p . multitronic CVT.

Having its 3-liter displacement in addition to 213 kW (290 hp) strength output, the V6 is a particularly fascinating newcomer. Audi features designed the perfect package for each of its serp. That’s the reason why the 3. 0 TFSI will be fitted which has a supercharger. From now on “T” doesn’t just are a symbol of turbocharged – it is short for supercharged. Supercharger technology won’t mean improved consumption – even so the short daily allowance paths do mean quick response. Along with it’s acquired full strength build-up also at lower engine rates: from 2500 1/min in order to 4850 1/min, the actual torque challenge is extensive and smooth at 420 Nm (309. 77 lb-ft).

The 3. 0 TFSI includes tiptronic in addition to quattro travel train. The A6 four door accelerates from 0 in order to 100 km/h (62. 15 mph) within 5. 9 just a few seconds and keeps on-going as it presses in order to its electronically-regulated highest speed of 250 km/h (155. 34 mph). Here is the kind of performance which only a good eight-cylinder engine can have been in a position to deliver quite a while ago. At 9. 5 liters for each 100 km’s (24. 76 YOU mpg) for the EU period, the supercharged V6 will be amazingly affordable. The 3. 0 TFSI’s mix off dynamic overall performance and lower consumption is another example of Audi’s prosperous efficiency tactic.

The A6 TDI search engines give further evidence of just exactly how closely Audi continues to be able in order to align sporty overall performance and productivity. Fuel will be delivered with the extremely superior and tranquil system of common side rails with rapid-action piezo injectors in addition to an hypodermic injection pressure of 1800 clubhouse (26, 106. 79 psi). The two V6 TDI search engines (2. 7 TDI having 140 kW (190 hp) in addition to 3. 0 TDI having 176 kW (240 hp) get peak torques of 380 Nm (280. 29 lb-ft) in addition to 450 Nm (331. 90 lb-ft), respectively.

In the lower end with the diesel program is the four-cylinder only two. 0 TDI serp, which is available in two variations: the 125 kW (170 hp), anticipated in slide 2008, and also the 100 kW (136 hp). The normal version is definitely an especially successful e-model called the only two. 0 TDIe, which uses a six-speed manual shift or even automatic multitronic transmission to supply 320 Nm (236. 02 lb-ft) of torque towards front wheels. With multitronic it sprints from 0 in order to 100 km/h (62. 15 mph) within 9. 9 just a few seconds, and continues through to a leading speed of 204 km/h (126. 76 mph). Yet the average energy consumption which has a manual adjust gearbox is just 5. 3 liters for each 100 kilometres (44. 38 US mpg), comparable to CO2 emissions of app. 139 grms per distance (224 grms per mile).

The important thing to obtaining such exemplary values is the strategic deployment of innovative systems. The strength steering push operates on demand; the alternator regenerates power when coasting and thus reducing load off the engine. By lowering the actual ride peak by 20 millimeters (0. 79 in) along with aerodynamic fine-tuning, the get coefficient continues to be reduced in order to cD = 0. twenty-eight.

The transmission can be utilized longer inside the upper a pair of gears. Any manual-shift A6 having Driver Data System, even the 2. 0 TDIe, can opt to give the shift indicator displayed inside the instrument cell. The symbol lets the actual driver learn which products is almost all economical below actual conditions.

Audi quattro four-wheel drive can be acquired on most engines having 140 kW (190 hp) or even above and it is standard apparatus on high-end aggregates. The manual adjust, 140 kW (190 hp) only two. 8 FSI in spite of, this is the very most recent generation quattro while using newly emphasized rear-end style. It provides the A6 incredible driving characteristics, remarkable grip and remarkable safety. Under normal conditions, the torque separated is 50 percent towards front wheels and 62 percent towards rear. The mechanically-operated Torsen differential right away diverts most of the power towards axle, providing superior traction whenever the requirement arises – within extreme instances, up in order to 65 percent towards front or even 85 percent towards rear.

In fine-tuning the actual A6, a pair of key targets were acknowledged – growing its comfort while keeping its sporty character. With completely new large-diameter, front-axle surprise absorbers operating within the optimized device system, Audi engineers could achieve the two goals. Every other aspect with the suspension set-up continues to be improved, like automotive early spring response.

The A6 might be equipped having factory-fitted adaptive air flow suspension so the driver can differ his response and also the characteristics with the adaptive surprise absorbers straight into three types. High-powered search engines come pre-loaded with larger 17-inch steering wheel brakes. Audi can be fitted which has a tire force monitoring system, which will be entirely wear-free in addition to maintenance-free. The purchaser can choose run-flat tires, which limit your vehicle to 50 km’s (31 miles) must there be considered a drop within air force.

Audi features integrated many new high-tech help systems. The modern Audi part assist kicks directly into help drivers when modifying lanes from speeds around 30 km/h (18. sixty-four mph), being sure a stress-free in addition to superior travel. Using radar receptors, Audi Area Assist is able to detect various other cars around 50 measures (164. apr ft) aside: a signal on the lateral side mirror lamps up must changing lanes cause a danger. Audi lane assist assists in keeping drivers in their own lane, radar-assisted adaptive luxury cruise control keeps a comfortable distance towards vehicle onward, and Audi parking system advanced features a rearview camera.

Since the debut within 2002, the Audi Adjustable Media Program system (MMI) continues to be setting the normal for correctly controlling any number of functions. The A6 features the most recent MMI age group, including the actual top-of-the-line MMI Course-plotting plus. Its standard construction haven’t changed. The main control johnson can still be found on the middle console between front seats and also the operation is still carried out there using large buttons. The modern joystick capping the actual control johnson means the actual MMI Course-plotting plus might be operated more intuitively.

MMI Course-plotting plus is definitely an ultimate solution, pioneering within the entirely completely new system age group with high-tech portfolio and ground-breaking expectations. Special features such as a CD/DVD/Navigation blend drive which has a 40 GB hard drive capacity which can be used to store MP3s or more to 5000 details.

With the 7-inch, high-resolution tv screen, the monitor within this ultimate routing system is truly innovative. The picture is full of contrast and also sharp also under tough lighting conditions. It also offers an suggested TV tuner which receives a digital programs (DVB-T) within perfect top quality.

The completely new navigation system has an additional innovation. The latest bird’s eye picture function shows panoramas in topographical pain relief – in full detail, filled with three-dimensional images of landmark buildings. The monitor features a new functioning principle: when modifying specific capabilities like air cooling or seats heating, a pop-up screen appears for the right rather than taking above the whole tv screen.

Most with the new features within the A6 four door and Avant may also be present within two various other models: the functional A6 allroad quattro and also the dynamic S6. The A6 allroad quattro might be powered either with the new 213 kW (290 hp) 3. 0 TFSI serp or one of several two highly effective V6 TDI diesels. The V10 for the S6 features 320 kW (435 hp). Changes created to the athletics model are tied to interior in addition to exterior optical specifics.

The improved Audi A6 will probably be available within German supplier showrooms by mid-October 2008. Starting from 34, 200 Euros for that A6 only two. 0 TFSI four door.